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Sign the Letter - Risk Classification for Lacrosse in CT
Dear Connecticut Lacrosse Friends, US Lacrosse...
2021 Spring Bethel youth lacrosse season information...
BYLA families, The BYLA Board of Directors have been discussing,...
Sign the Letter - Risk Classification for Lacrosse in CT

Dear Connecticut Lacrosse Friends,

US Lacrosse has been working to try to change the risk classification for lacrosse in Connecticut and with the NFHS. We posted a story last week on social media and our website regarding this issue.

We need help from our Connecticut lacrosse families, coaches, officials, clubs and youth programs to help make sure the NFHS knows that their guidance for lacrosse is having a negative impact on our community. 

Please read and share the Sign On Letter. If you are willing to support the effort to have the NFHS change boys' lacrosse from a high-risk to moderate-risk sport for COVID-19 transmission, please add your online signature via a link below. Let's let the NFHS know that they should modify its guidance. 

We will collect all the names from the Sign On and send in the letter to the NFHS the week of December 1, so please help us by spreading the word TODAY.

3 Easy Steps to Take Action:

1) Read the Sign On Letter to the NFHS.
2) Click here to open the link and add your name and contact information for the letter (we will not share your emails with the NFHS, just your name and program info)
3) Share this email and the letter with anyone you know in CT who is interested in supporting this cause.

Thank you for your consideration and support of this request! 


Ann Carpenetti, VP Lacrosse Operations
Ryan Larkum, NE Regional Manager
Rick Lake, Director, Men's Game
Caitlin Kelley, Director, Women's Game



by posted 11/25/2020
2021 Spring Bethel youth lacrosse season information...

BYLA families,

The BYLA Board of Directors have been discussing, and we are extremely hopeful that we will have a Spring 2021 lacrosse season. CONNY lacrosse has asked all towns to wait until January to start scheduling games. We are not going to open registration at least until after the New Year, We certainly don’t want to get families into a situation where they sign up with USL and cannot get a refund. We do have time scheduled for the Dome starting in February and going into March when we would get on our fields. We will be working with Park and Rec to get field time in the spring, assuming we will be allowed by the state to play. We plan on sending out an update around the first of the year. Check back on our webpage or Facebook page for updates. There was also an e-mail sent out a few days ago regarding boys lacrosse in CT, please read it and consider sending a letter (it is also posted on bethellacrosse.com).


Stay well and enjoy your holidays!


BYLA Board

by posted 11/13/2020
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