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Ultimate Orange Lacrosse Camps

The typical youth lacrosse season ends in early June.  After which Summer travel teams, and camps rule the lacrosse fields.  This season has certainly been a first with the Spring lacrosse season being cancelled, but we are hopeful for some kind of normalcy for the Summer months...

Bethel Youth Lacrosse is working to see if some sort of Summer play is possible, but while we develop that plan, we wanted to provide details about a local Summer lacrosse camp for youth boys & girls, grades 1-8.

The camp is run by Ultimate Orange.  The camps are run by owner, Matt Caione, a Syracuse lacrosse all-star and pro player.  Matt is a Bethel resident is has been involved in our BYLA program.  The girls camps are typically run by our own amazing girls lax coach, Heather Tibbetts. 

Information about the camp (dates, price, etc) are below in the flyer.  Any questions about the camps, please visit the Ultimate Orange website.  Camp registration can be completed thru the Ultimate Orange website.  BYLA is not associated with UO in anyway - just passing along this useful information.  All three of my children have been to this camp and had a great experience.

by posted 04/30/2020
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