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2021 BYLA COVID-19 Safety Procedures - Dome
We have combined our safety plans with the Dome’s current COVID-19...
Welcome to the 2021 Bethel Spring Lacrosse season!
Welcome to the 2021 Bethel Spring Lacrosse season! REGISTRATION...
Bethel Youth Lacrosse 20% OFF SHOP EVENT February 26th through...
2021 BYLA COVID-19 Safety Procedures - Dome

We have combined our safety plans with the Dome’s current COVID-19 procedures.  The combination of both plans is to ensure the lowest risk possible for our players and families.  This information is also available as a PDF under the DOCUMENTS section of our website (bethellacrosse.com).

Currently 2021 Bethel youth lacrosse player registration numbers are low so the current plan is for all registered 3rd Grade thru 8th Grade, boys and girls will be invited to the Dome sessions.  As registration numbers increase, we might limit field usage to specific teams to better handle smaller groups and better social distancing.  We will relay any dome session changes well before the date. 

If you are not comfortable with your child being at the Dome, that is perfectly acceptable. 

Dome dates and times are listed (2/9, 2/16, 2/23, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30 ALL@7-8PM) and on the bethellacrosse.com website.  Your athlete must be completely registered and will not be able to participate without. 

Currently the Dome is restricting capacity to 17% (i.e. 170 people allowed vs 1000 max capacity).  This will help mitigate risk by limiting potential contacts at any given time.  Also, this will allow for more social distancing between persons and groups.  

Please stay safe and follow the guidelines that have been put in place below: 

  • Please complete our online Covid-19 safety checklist form before heading to the Dome (it is also a link on bethellacrosse.com in the left site navigation).  This form was created based on information from the CDC’s symptom checklist and required from Bethel P&R for when we transition to outdoors.  If you have any of the symptoms or answered YES to any of the questions... please stay home.  
  • Masks are now considered the most important piece of gear you will bring to the Dome.  You must be wearing a mask to enter the Dome, practice, etc.  If you did not come to the Dome with a mask – do not enter the building!  We will not have masks to provide should your player need one, they will have to leave.  Please come prepared.
  • Kids tend to collect in groups as they put on gear and get ready for practice so we are asking that players get as ready to play as possible before they enter the Dome, do not enter the Dome until 5 minutes prior to your scheduled session.  This will help with social distancing.
  • You must be wearing a mask BEFORE you enter the Dome.  Masks will remain ON during the entire time inside the Dome.  That includes coaches, players, parents, Dome staff, etc.  Even while participating in lacrosse, all coaches and players will keep their masks on.
  • Water bottles – please make sure any water your child brings is clearly marked.  Wash the bottle after every practice.  This will prevent any contamination.
  • Parents – please remain outside of the dome if possible.  Please drop your player off or wait in your car.  If you must enter, you must wear a mask, and keep your time inside limited.
  • The Dome staff may be doing a health screening when you enter.  If so, please wait patiently and follow any safety procedures.  The Dome has provided hand sanitizing stations if needed.
  • Please fill out the online Covid-19 safety checklist form (from step one above).  This is super important.  It will give us a quick point of contact to parents, and provide us with a contact tracing pathway.  We don't want to turn our Dome sessions into super spreader event – so let’s all work together to mitigate the risk! 
  • Please remind your player to social distance, be safe, and have fun! 


Any questions, please email the BYLA at bethellacrosse@gmail.com.  Thanks!

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Welcome to the 2021 Bethel Spring Lacrosse season!

Welcome to the 2021 Bethel Spring Lacrosse season!


Tonight CONNY held its first meeting of 2021 regarding this year’s lacrosse season.  There is a large amount of grey area we need to negotiate, but they recommend that all towns proceed with registration, scheduling practices, and games, and plan for a Spring lacrosse season.  So REGISTRATION is now open - REGISTER TODAY!

Currently Girls lacrosse looks like it will move forward without restrictions at this time since girls lacrosse is classified as a moderate risk sport. 

Boys lacrosse is currently listed as a high risk sport, and at the moment would not allow to participate in games.  This very well may change as Spring sports discussions at the CIAC and NHFS are happening over the next few weeks.  Even if a sanctioned CONNY season can not happen, we will look for a safe alternative (practices, modified lower contact games, smaller sided games, etc.).  The goal is to have some kind of lacrosse season for our Bethel boys.

The Bethel youth lacrosse is currently finalizing our own COVID safety plan, and will have that posted shortly.


Here’s the fun part!  We are going to need to move really quickly with getting your athletes registered  ASAP!

Based on player registrations from previous seasons, we are expecting to have boys’ and girls’ teams listed below.  Changes are possible depending on total player registrations.

Girls Grades 3/4 Lightning
Girls Grades 5/6 Juniors

Girls Grades 7/8 Seniors

Boys Grades K-2 Bantams
Boys Grades 3/4 Lighting
Boys Grades 5/6 Juniors
Boys Grades 7/8 Seniors

If you have a daughter in K-2 who is interested in playing, please email us at so we can come up with a plan.  We want everyone playing and would love to have a team at the girls bantams level! 

The 2021 Spring Season Registration INCLUDES some pre-season sessions at the Danbury Dome for Grades 3-8 boys and girls (lightning, juniors, seniors teams).  

K-2 Bantams will schedule gym time in the municipal center closer to the April season start (if we are allowed to use the municipal gym, if not perhaps outside on warmer days). 

Dates and times for the Dome sessions start very soon!  We are still determining the best use of those fields for smaller groups and better social distancing.  We will let you know who is in the Dome each week very soon.  That will also depend on registration numbers of the next two weeks.

FEB 9 (7-8PM)
FEB 16 (7-8PM)
FEB 23 (7-8PM)
MAR 2 (7-8PM)
MAR 9 (7-8PM)
MAR 16 (7-8PM)
MAR 23(7-8PM)
MAR 30 (7-8PM)


Practices are typically scheduled weeknights April thru early-June, with games against area programs scheduled for weekends (with some mid-week games scheduled).  Details about practices and games will be posted to each team’s info page at bethellacrosse.com once that information is available.  Team schedules are updated regularly, so once the season is underway, please visit your players team page frequently for any changes.



Grades K-2 Players - $110.00 (plus annual US Lacrosse Membership* $30.00)

Grades 3-8 Players - $210.00 (plus annual US Lacrosse Membership* $30.00)

* All lacrosse players must have an active US Lacrosse membership to participate.  Visit uslacrosse.org to join or renew your player’s membership for the 2019 season.  If your player’s USL is expired, or will expire during the season, you will be taken to the US lacrosse website to renew during the registration process.  You will then automatically return to the BYLA registration to complete the process.  The $30 cost is a part of the US Lacrosse governing body, and is not connected to BYLA, but required for all active players in the sport of lacrosse.

Should you need financial assistance, please email us at to discuss scholarship options.

NOTE: If you registered your athlete in 2020 and did not receive a refund check, do not register your athlete and please email us at bethellacrosse@gmail.com.  Once we verify the 2020 payment process, we will send you a special invite to register your athlete without additional BYLA cost (USL renewal fee would still need to be paid).


Rental Protective Equipment Option for New Players (
BOYS) - Limited to BYLA in stock quantities (we mostly have smaller sizes for bantams & lightning).  $50.00 rental fee.  Rental equipment is to be returned at the end of the season or you could be charged for the cost of the complete set.

We have a limited stock of quality Nike girls lacrosse sticks for sale too.  Please ask a coach or BYLA rep for details.  Often times we will recommend a stick upgrade if we see it would benefit your athlete.



There is a fast approaching uniform deadline!  It’s February 14th!   We have to get our order into the manufacturer by that date or else we won’t have the uniforms in time for games in April.

All boys and girls players grades 3-8 – If you do not have a uniform – you will need to purchase one.  The link is available here and on our website under the Online Store link – chose the 2021 uniform selection.  Uniforms are $60 for the set.  A game pinnie ($30) and shorts ($30). 

Boys and girls shooting shirts are optional purchases to order and are not included (or necessary) as part of the official uniform.  You will see those in the 2021 uniform order page if you want one for your athlete.

If we still have your uniforms from the 2020 order, we will try to get those to your athlete as soon as possible. 

Boys bantams players (athletes registered K-2 this school year) will be given a practice/game pinnie to use.

Player numbers are determined by grade and number availability so we cannot guarantee you will get your favorite number but we will do our best to fill those requests.  Existing players with 2019 or 2020 uniforms will keep their existing number.

Questions? – email us at .

The current spirit wear store at Squadlocker is open and has a pretty quick turnaround time for purchasing items.  All items are ordered directly from the Squadlocker store and ship to you.


Yes, we need your help!  Most of us coaches are parents like you.  We got involved so we could be a part of our child’s development and growth as an athlete.  If you are interested in helping in anyway (even if you don’t know the game of lacrosse), that’s great!  Please let us know.  From coaches/assistant coaches, to a parent on the sideline just making sure the team is ready and paying attention, to helping with scoreboard or clock management during games.  You can help!  Stop any BYLA coach or email .

Want to be involved even more?  BYLA Board member positions become available as members transition out of the Bethel Youth Lacrosse program and into high school sports as they follow their athlete.  You can be involved in the behind the scenes to make sure the Bethel Youth Lacrosse program runs smoothly.

*Discounts on player registration costs possible, depending on involvement within the program. 


Please feel free to ask any questions about the program, registration, etc.  You can email us at .


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Bethel Youth Lacrosse 20% OFF SHOP EVENT

February 26th through Monday, March 1st

Danbury Store Location ONLY


Save the date! Our partner, DICK’S Sporting Goods, is offering you a 20% off discount throughout the store to help you gear up for the season! Be sure to use the coupon linked below, as this is specific to our organization. The coupon is valid in-store on the dates above, and should be shown at the register during checkout.



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