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Ultimate Orange Lacrosse Camps
The typical youth lacrosse season ends in early June.  After...
2020 Spring Bethel Youth Lacrosse Season Cancelled
Bethel Youth Lacrosse Families & Athletes: Following the...
Ultimate Orange Lacrosse Camps

The typical youth lacrosse season ends in early June.  After which Summer travel teams, and camps rule the lacrosse fields.  This season has certainly been a first with the Spring lacrosse season being cancelled, but we are hopeful for some kind of normalcy for the Summer months...

Bethel Youth Lacrosse is working to see if some sort of Summer play is possible, but while we develop that plan, we wanted to provide details about a local Summer lacrosse camp for youth boys & girls, grades 1-8.

The camp is run by Ultimate Orange.  The camps are run by owner, Matt Caione, a Syracuse lacrosse all-star and pro player.  Matt is a Bethel resident is has been involved in our BYLA program.  The girls camps are typically run by our own amazing girls lax coach, Heather Tibbetts. 

Information about the camp (dates, price, etc) are below in the flyer.  Any questions about the camps, please visit the Ultimate Orange website.  Camp registration can be completed thru the Ultimate Orange website.  BYLA is not associated with UO in anyway - just passing along this useful information.  All three of my children have been to this camp and had a great experience.

by posted 04/30/2020
2020 Spring Bethel Youth Lacrosse Season Cancelled

Bethel Youth Lacrosse Families & Athletes:

Following the latest information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) , the continued closure of Bethel Public Schools (currently extended to May 20, 2020), and the cancellation of other CONNY member programs, BYLA has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 youth lacrosse season.  As you can imagine, this decision was not made lightly and was based upon concerns for the safety and health of our lacrosse families and athletes.

Our plan is to offer two options with regard to the registration fees for the 2020 season.    You can elect to receive a full refund of the registration fee and a check will be sent to you for the 2020 registration fee, or you can apply the registration fee to the 2021 Bethel lacrosse season. If you choose to apply the amount toward the 2021 season, you will not be required to pay any increase in the fee for the 2021 season that may be assessed.   Please use the form linked below to let us know if you would like a registration refund check or would like us to move the registration forward to 2021.

Before you were able to register your player for the 2020 Bethel Youth lacrosse season, you were required to pay a $30 fee to US Lacrosse (the governing body of the sport of lacrosse).  That fee is not a part of Bethel youth lacrosse and we cannot refund that amount.  Should you wish, you may contact US Lacrosse and inquire whether a refund is available.   – that is something that each family would have to communicate with US Lacrosse since we don’t have control of those transactions.

Uniform costs (game jersey, game shorts, and shooting shirt) are non-refundable, as these costs were already paid by Bethel youth lacrosse.  Those are customized garments that were made for each player (sizing and number).  We have the uniforms already and will distribute them when a time allows for public gatherings.


BYLA Registration Refund Form – Spring 2020


Looking forward…  Most area youth lacrosse programs are meeting this week to decide the fate of their own programs for the 2020 season.  We don’t see any continuing operations knowing how far our tri-state area needs to go too continue to flatten the curve and restart the economy. 

Our current plan is to begin communications with close area towns (Danbury, Brookfield, Redding, New Milford, etc) to see if we can salvage some sort of condensed lacrosse season this Summer.  That is just in the initial concept phase, but I think we all want our young athletes off their devices and playing lacrosse as soon as socially possible.

The Bethel youth lacrosse community has always been a great group of families.  It’s been a privilege to mentor and coach your athletes in lacrosse over the past seasons.  We are saddened by the loss of this year, and for the opportunity to help your athletes grow, but we will look to continue the program and continue to find ways to keeps the kids playing the great sport of lacrosse.

If you have any questions, please email us at but please remember to fill out the form above.





by posted 04/15/2020
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