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Girl's/Women's Lacrosse Terms:

  • Blocking: takes place when a player moves into the path of a player with the ball without giving that player a chance to stop or change direction causing contact. When a player is running to receive the ball, a "blind side" defense player must give her enough time and/or space to change her direction.

  • Body Checking: is a technique whereby a defender moves with an opponent without body contact occurring, following each movement of the opponent's body or crosse with her body and causing her to slow down, change direction, or pass off.

  • Charging: takes place when the player with the ball pushes into, shoulders, or backs into and makes bodily contact with her opponent who has already established her position (though not necessarilty stationary).
  • Clear: Any action taken by a player within the goal circle to pass or carry the ball out of the goal circle.

  • Clear Space: indicates the space between the players which is free of crosses or parts of the body.

  • Coaching Area: is the area on the bench/table side of the field extending from their side of the substitution area to their end line, and up to the sideline.

  • Critical Scoring Area: An area 15 meters in front of and to each side of the goal and nine meters behind the goal. An eight-meter arc and 12 meter fan are marked in the area.

  • Crosse (Stick): The equipment used to throw, catch, check and carry the ball.

  • Crosse Checking: Stick to stick contact consisting of a series of controlled taps in an attempt to dislodge the ball from the crosse.

  • Deputy: A player who enters the goal circle when the goalie is out of the goal circle and her team is in possession of the ball.

  • Draw: A technique to start or resume play by which a ball is placed in between the sticks of two standing players and drawn up and away.

  • Eight-Meter Arc: A semi-circular area in front of the goal used for the administration of major fouls. A defender may not remain in this area for more than three seconds unless she is within a stick's length of her opponent.

  • Free Position: An opportunity awarded to the offense when a major or minor foul is committed by the defense. All players must move four meters away from the player with the ball. When the whistle sounds to resume play, the player may run, pass or shoot the ball.

  • Free Space To Goal: A cone-shaped path extending from each side of the goal circle to the attack player with the ball. A defense player may not, for safety reasons, stand alone in this area without closely marking an opponent.

  • Goal Circle: The circle around the goal with a radius of 2.6 meters (8.5 feet). No player's stick or body may “break” the cylinder of the goal circle.

  • Grounded: Refers to any part of the goalkeeper's or deputy's body touching the ground for support outside of the goal circle when she attempts to play the ball from inside the goal circle.

  • Indirect Free Position: is the penalty awarded for a minor field foul by the defense inside the 12 meter fan. The player taking the free position may run or pass but may not shoot until another player has the ball.

  • Marking: Being within a stick's length of an opponent.

  • Penalty Lane: The path to the goal that is cleared when a free position is awarded to the attacking team.

  • Scoring Play: A continuous effort by the attacking team to move the ball toward the goal and to complete a shot on goal.

  • Stand: All players, except the goalkeeper in her goal circle, must remain stationary following the sound of any whistle.

  • Slashing: is the swinging of a crosse at an opponent's crosse or body with deliberate viciousness or recklessness, whether or not the opponent's crosse or body has been struck.
  • Sphere: An imaginary area, approximately 18 cm (seven inches) which surrounds a player's head. No stick checks toward the head are allowed to break the sphere.

  • 12 Meter Fan: A semi-circle in front of the goal used for the administration of minor fouls.

  • Warning Cards: A yellow card presented by an umpire to a player is a warning which indicates that is playing dangerously and/or conducting herself in an unsportsmanlike manner. That player must leave the field for 3 minutes of elapsed playing time. A player who receives a second yellow card will be suspended from participation in that game. A green card is presented by an umpire to the team captain indicating a team caution for delay of game. A red card is used to suspend a player, coach or team follower from the game.

  • Within a Stick's Length: This is when any part of the opponent's body is inside a crosses length. It is the distance a player must be to her opponent to be actively marking this opponent.