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Girls Lacrosse
Field Positions:

  • The Goalkeeper - She defends the goal cage, using her stick and body to prevent the ball from crossing the goal line. Keys to a goalkeeper's success are quick reflexes with her hands and feet, confidence, focused concentration, and the ability to communicate with her teammates.

  • Line Defense - There should be three line defense players who are responsible for marking three line attack players. Traditionally these positions are called:

    • Point (defends the 1st home, closest to goal)
    • Cover Point (defends the 2nd home, in between the point and 3rd man)
    • 3rd Man (defends the 3rd home, near the center circle).
  • The line defense does not usually cross the restraining line into the offensive end. Goals for these players should be:

    • defending the crease
    • interceptions and shot blocking
    • one-on-one marking
    • proper body positioning and stick checking
    • good communication with other defenders
    • sliding to cover open attacking players
  • Midfield - There are five midfield players who may roam the entire field and are primarily responsible for transitioning the ball down the field on offense, or defending the fast break on defense. These players are guarded by the opposing midfielders. The mid-field may be divided up into:

    • One Center: The center may be responsible for taking the draw and plays defense and offense all the time.
    • Two Attack Wings: Attack wings usually play more offense, but one attack wing may cross the restraining line to play defense.
    • Two Defensive Wings: Defensive wings usually play more defense, but one defense wing may cross the restraining line to play on attack.
  • All mid-field players should enjoy running and exhibit strengths in:

    • speed and endurance
    • consistent and reliable stick skills, especially throwing and catching on the move
    • excellent field vision
    • accurate and powerful shooting
  • Line Attack - There are three line attack players whose main responsibility is to create scoring opportunities and to put the ball in the net; they are defended by the three-line defense. Traditionally these players are called:

    • 1st home (plays closest to goal, defended by the point)
    • 2nd home (plays in between the 1st home and the center circle, defended by the cover point),
    • 3rd home (plays attack near the center circle, defended by the 3rd man).
  • The line attack players do not usually cross the restraining line into the defensive end. Goals for these players should be:

    • good ball handling skills including accurate passing
    • being able to catch the ball under pressure and to protect the stick through traffic
    • accurate and powerful shooting
    • recognizing and creating open space
    • recognizing and creating scoring opportunities for teammates
    • defending the clear when the ball is lost

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